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Scientific Programme

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Wednesday , october 13

0900-1300PAUSA Symposium
Welcome from PAUSA President
Welcome from SIU Scientific Chairs

Session 1
Chairs: Fethi Meziane, Morocco
Saeed Samnakay, Kenya

Société Marocaine d’Urologie: Abdennabi Joual, Morocco
Nigerian Association of Urological Surgeons: Leslie Akporiaye, Alexander Nwofor, Nigeria
Société Tunisienne d’Urologie: Use of Irrigation Fluid in Urology: Which Fluid and Why? Yassine Nouira, Tunisia
Association Ivoirienne d’Urologie: Georges Armand Ouegnin, Ivory Coast
UroLink Lecture: Establishing and Maintaining an Overseas Link - Lessons To Be Learnt: George Fowlis, UK


Session 2
Chair: Yassine Nouira, Tunisia,

Egyptian Association of Urology: Mohamed Eissa, Egypt
Association Sénégalaise d’Urologie: Speaker to be confirmed
Kenyan Association of Urological Surgeons: Saeed Samnakay, Kenya
AGSSM Lecture: Surgical Management of Sexual Dysfunction: Khaled Dabees, Egypt
AFU Lecture: Prostate Cancer Screening–Which Policy in 2010?: Pascal Rischmann, France
Panel: The Initiative for Urology Training in Africa: Serigne Gueye, Senegal; Catherine deVries, USA
E. O. Olapade-Olaopa, Nigeria

1300-1400Lunch Break

1400-1800Association Marocaine d’Urologie Symposium

1400-1530Part 1: Urinary Diversion and Bladder Replacement
Chairs: Abdennabi Joual, Morocco
Abdellatif Benchekroun, Morocco

Continent Urinary Diversion: Abdellatif Benchekroun, Morocco, Fethi Meziane, Morocco
Differential Indication Continent vs. Incontinent Urinary Diversion: Detlef Frohneberg, Germany
Bladder replacement: Abdennabi Joual
Panel Discussion


1600-1700Part 2: Urinary Lithiasis
Chairs: Mohamed Marzouk
Driss Touiti
Badreddine Kadiri

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: Mohamed Lezrak
Flexible Ureteroscopy: Mohamed Tligui
Open Surgery: Hamid Fekak
Laparoscopic Treatment: Ismail Sarf

1700-1800Part 3: Video Session
Chairs: Redouane Rabii
Ahmed Alj

V1 – Percutaneous Treatment of Renal Hydatic Cyst
   M. Lezrek, Morocco
V2 - Laparoscopic Ureteroneocystostomy and Vesicopsoas Hitch for the Management of Tuberculosis
   Lower Ureteric Stricture
   F. Barjani, Morocco
V3 - Appendico-Ureteroplasty for Urethral Stricture
   S.El Yacoubi, Morocco
V4 – Renal Hydatic Cyst Laparoscopic Surgery Tip and Truc
   R. Rabii, Morocco
V5 – Laparoscopic Treatment of Cystocele
   Y. Haddane, Morocco

1400-1800Urodynamics Course
Chairs: Marcus Drake, UK
Sherif Mourad, Egypt

Voiding Diaries
UDS for SUI and OAB
UDS for Male Voiding Dysfunction
UDS for Neurogenic Patients
Interpretation of Results
Writing a Report

1500-1800VVF Course
Chairs: Serigne Gueye, Senegal
Mulu Muleta, Ethiopia

Introduction: Serigne Gueye
Diagnosis and Evaluation: Sanda Ganda, Niger
Classifications: Kalilou Ouattara, Mali
Management of Simple VVF: Theobald Hategekimana, Rwanda
Management of Complex VVF: Steve Arrowsmith, USA
Management of SUI After Fistula Repair: Mulu Muleta, Ethiopia
Setting up a Facility for Fistula Treatment: Serigne Gueye

1800-1900Opening Ceremonies

1900-2100Exhibit Hall Opening and Welcome Reception

Thursday, october 14

0700-0800Surgical Tips: VVF
Chairs: Serigne Gueye, Senegal
Suzy Elneil, UK

How I Do Transvaginal VVF Repair: Kalilou Ouattara, Mali
How I Do Transabdominal VVF Repair: Issa Labou, Senegal
How I Manage Circumferential VVF: Steve Arrowsmith, USA

0700-0815Sponsored Symposia
Cook Medical

Biodesign: Surgisis Peyronies Repair Graft
Chair: Kenneth W. Angermeier, USA

0700-0710 Introduction: Kenneth W. Angermeier
0710-0730 Surgisis Biodesign - My Failed Patients: Richard A. Santucci, USA
0730-0750 Surgisis Biodesign - My Successful Patients: Gerald H. Jordan, USA
0750-0810 Panel Discussion and Question and Answer: All
0810-0815 Closing Comments: Kenneth W. Angermeier

0815-1015Plenary: OAB
Chair: Marcus Drake, UK

Pathophysiology of OAB: Marcus Drake, UK
Assessment of OAB/DO: Sender Herschorn, Canada
Evidence-based Medical Treatment of OAB: Luc Valiquette, Canada
Treating OAB Drug Failure: Ruud Bosch, Netherlands


1030-1230Plenary: Report of the 1st ICUD-SIU Consultation on VVF
Chairs: Serigne Gueye, Senegal
Zakaria Behlanech, Morocco
Room: Ministres

1030-1050 Epidemiology: Mulu Muleta, Ethiopia
1050-1110 Prevention Strategy: Alice Emasu, Uganda
1110-1130 Unmet Needs: Suzy Elneil, UK
1130-1150 Surgery for Fistula: Dirk De Ridder, Belgium
1150-1210 Complications from Fistula: Sherif Mourad, Egypt
1210-1230 Social Integration: Rahmat Mohammad, Nigeria

1230-1345Lunch Break

Sponsored Symposia
Astellas Pharma

OAB: The Grand Round
Chair: Paul Abrams, UK

1230-1235 Introduction: Paul Abrams
1235-1255 Patient Communication: Gamal Ghoniem, USA
1255-1315 Managing the Female Patient: Chris Payne, USA
1315-1335 Managing the Male Patient: Roger Dmochowski, USA
1335-1345 Question and Answer Session: Paul Abrams
1345 Summary and Close

1345-1545Plenary: Post-prostatectomy Incontinence
Chairs: Anthony Schaeffer, USA
Ahmed Ameur, Morocco

AUA Lecture: Incontinence–Past, Present, Future: Anthony Schaeffer, USA
Technical and Anatomical Features in the Avoidance of Post-Radical
  Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence: Vincent Delmas, France
Postoperative Rehabilitation for Continence: Christian Hampel, Germany
Mechanics of Incontinence and Diagnostics: Dirk De Ridder, Belgium
Case Presentations and Discussion: Faculty


1600-1800Plenary: Infections
Chairs: Chris Heyns, South Africa
Mouâd Nouri, Morocco

Chronic Genitourinary Infections in Africa and Asia
Tuberculosis: Redouane Rabii, Morocco
Bilharzia: Kasonde Bowa, Zambia
The Role of Circumcision on HIV Prevention: Stephen Watya, Uganda
Global Alliance for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis: Sunny Doodu Mante, Ghana
Surgery of Lower Urinary Tract Bilharzial Complications: Ismail Khalaf, Cairo, Egypt

1600-1800Podium Session 1: Post-Prostatectomy

1600-1800Moderated Video Session 1

1600-1800Moderated Poster Sessions 1-3
Moderated Poster Session 1: Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Moderated Poster Session 2: Strictures/VVF
Moderated Poster Session 3: Basic Science/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Friday, october 15

0700-0800Surgical Tips: Post-prostatectomy Incontinence
Chair: Dirk De Ridder, Belgium

Welcome and Introduction: Dirk De Ridder
Artificial Sphincter: TBC
InVance Male Sling: TBC
AdVance Sling: Dirk De Ridder
Discussion: All

0700-0815Sponsored Symposia
Astellas Pharma

Unravelling the Colour Spectrum of Male LUTS
Chair: Mark Speakman, UK

0700-0710 Introduction: Mark Speakman
0710-0720 Male LUTS: Need for Better Assessment of Storage Symptoms: Tim Schneider, Germany
0720-0745 Improving Nocturia and Sleep: Colouring Your Patient's Day:
                    Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler, France
0745-0810 Male LUTS: Which Direction to go In Case of Persistent Storage Symptoms:
                    David Castro-Diaz, Spain
0810-0815 Closing remarks: Mark Speakman

0815-1015Plenary: Male Voiding Dysfunction
Chairs: Joachim Thüroff, Germany
Ismail Sarf, Morocco

EAU Lecture: MLUTS Assessment and Triage: Christopher Chapple, UK
Medical Therapy for BPO: International Perspective: Mark Speakman, UK
Panel: MIS–An Advance, Cost-Effective?: Andreas Gross, Germany
Christopher Cheng, Singapore, Rainer Kuntz, Germany


1030-1230Plenary: Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes (UCPPS):
2000-2010, A Decade of Progress
Chair: J. Curtis Nickel, Canada

The Evolution of Definitions, Diagnosis and Nomenclature: Jean-Jacques Wyndaele, Belgium
Evidence-based Management of Male UCPPS
(Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome): Michel Pontari, USA
Evidence-based Management of Female UCPPS
(Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome): Jorgen Nordling, Denmark
Debate: Are Male and Female UCPPS the Same Condition?
Pro: Karl Kreder, USA
Con: Anthony Schaeffer, USA
Case-based Debate: When Evidence-based Medicine Fails, What Next?
What Have We Learned/Where Are We Going? J. Curtis Nickel

1230-1345Lunch Break

Sponsored Symposia

Effective Management of BPH with Combination Therapy
Chair: Abdennabi Joual, Morocco

1230-1235 Introduction: Abdennabi Joual
1235-1315 Effective Management of BPH with Combination Therapy: Claus Roehrborn, USA
1315-1325 Question and Answer Session: Claus Roehrborn, USA
1325-1330 Summary and Closing Remarks: Abdennabi Joual

1230-1345Sponsored Symposium

1230-1235Welcome and Introduction

1235-1250Building on the Detrusitol Legacy
Alan J. Wein, USA

1250-1310Opening the Door to Toviaz
Christopher Chapple, UK,

1310-1330Toviaz 4 mg and 8 mg for Individualized Care
David Staskin, USA

1330-1345Panel Discussion with Q&A

1345-1545Plenary: ICUD Consultation on Urethral Strictures: Committee Presentations
Chairs: Gerald H. Jordan, USA
Christopher Chapple, UK
Chris F. Heyns, South Africa

1345-1357Epidemiology, Anatomy and Nomenclature
Jerilyn Latini, USA

1357-1409Evaluation and Follow-up
Ken Angermeier, USA

Jill Buckley, USA

1421-1433Anterior Urethra-Primary Anastomosis
Nick Watkin, UK

1433-1445Anterior Urethra-Lichen Sclerosis
Kurt McCammon, USA

1445-1457Anterior Urethra-Single Stage Substitution
Christopher Chapple, UK

Reynaldo Gómez, Chile

1509-1521Vesico-Urethral Stenosis after Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Sender Herschorn, Canada

1521-1533Pediatric Strictures
George Kaplan, USA



1600-1800Podium Session 2: Neuro-urology

1600-1800Moderated Video Session 2

1600-1800Moderated Poster Sessions 4-6
Moderated Poster Session 4: Stress Urinary Incontinence
Moderated Poster Session 5: BPO
Moderated Poster Session 6: Overactive Bladder

Saturday, october 16

0700-0800Surgical Tips: SUI
Chair: Gopal Badlani, USA

Preoperative Counseling in Patients with Mixed Incontinence: Christopher Chapple, UK
Use of Bulking Agents: Sender Herschorn, Canada
Choice of Material and Procedure Comparison for SUI: Gopal Badlani

0800-1000Plenary: Neuro-urology
Chairs: Jean-Jacques Wyndaele, Belgium
Hassan Shaker, Egypt

Urological Assessment and Management of Congenital Neurological Bladder: Catherine deVries, USA
Debate: Modern Management of the Neurogenic Bladder Associated with Spinal Cord Injury: Jean-Jacques Wyndaele, Belgium, Helmut Madersbacher, Austria
Complications in Neurogenic Bladder: David Castro Díaz, Spain


1015-1215Plenary: Female SUI
Chairs: Gopal Badlani, USA
Ahmed Ameur, Morocco

Role of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises in the Management of SUI: Kari Bo, Norway
Role of Urodynamics in the Surgical Management of SUI: Sherif Mourad, Egypt
Advances in the Management of SUI: Gopal Badlani, USA
Managing the Complications of Synthetic Tapes for SUI: Karl Kreder, USA

1215-1230Closing Remarks and Invitation to Berlin 2011

1300-1700Sponsored Symposium
AstraZeneca Morocco

Prostate Cancer Course: Which Treatments Are On Hand in 2010 and Beyond?
Chairs: Claude Abbou, France
Aziz Akira, Morocco
Richard Fourcade, France
Redouane Rabii, Morocco

1300-1310Introduction: Redouane Rabii

Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

1310-1335 Surgical Management: Claude Abbou
1335-1355 Radiotherapy Management: Hassan Jouhadi, Morocco
1355-1420 Hormone Therapy: Richard Fourcade
1420-1435 Discussion


Metastatic Prostate Cancer

1450-1510 Hormone Therapy: Richard Fourcade
1510-1530 Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Mounir Bachouchi, Morocco
1530-1555 Acute Obstructive Anuria: Arthur Smith, USA
1555-1615 Bone Metastasis-Related Pain: Rachid Cherkab, Morocco
1615-1645 3 Case Studies: Treatment Problems in Routine Practice: Redouane Rabii, Hassan Jouhadi and Arthur Smith

1645-1700Closing Remarks: Chairs

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