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Abstract Presentation Information

Presentation Types

Podium Sessions
Podium presentations shall be a maximum of 10 minutes in duration (7 for presentation and 3 for questions). Podium presenters will be informed in due course of slide submission method.

Moderated Poster
Sessions The first 20 minutes of the session will be devoted to viewing the posters. Then, each presenter will give 3 minutes of highlights (no slides). Moderators will address questions at the end of the session, time permitting. Posters should be mounted thirty minutes prior to session start time, and dismounted immediately at session conclusion. For poster dimensions, see below.

Videos Video
sessions will be moderated. Video presentations should be 10 minutes in duration (7 minutes for video and 3 for discussion). Please note that to finalize your submission, you must upload your final video presentation on by July 18, 2011. Any video not uploaded on the iClinics site cannot be presented at SIU 2011. In addition, please bring this same file with you to the Congress on a USB key.

Unmoderated Posters
Each poster will be on display for one day only during the period of Monday, October 17 to Wednesday, October 19; your display day is indicated above. Posters should be mounted by 09:00 the morning of the presentation and dismounted by 16:00 on the same day. For poster dimensions, see below. There will be no audio-visual equipment in the unmoderated poster area. Handouts are permitted inasmuch as they are displayed in an orderly fashion and do not encroach on neighbouring posters.

Read by Title
These submissions will be listed in the final programme, but not physically presented at the Meeting, nor published in Urology, due to a very tight programme schedule and lack of space to accommodate the large number of submissions.

Poster Dimensions
Posters shall be designed in portrait format. Posters must be 90 cm (width) x 150 cm (height) (35.4" x 59"). Posters not conforming to these dimensions will be removed from the poster area. There will be staff present to assist presenters.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your participation, please contact us by e-mail at