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Programme by Day

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Saturday, October 15
Sunday, October 16
Monday, October 17
Tuesday, October 18
Wednesday, October 19
Thursday, October 20


0800-1700WUOF Conference
 SIU Board of Chairmen Meeting


0800-1200WUOF Conference
 Sub-Specialty Society Symposia
0800-1215Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie (DGU) (German Society of Urology)
Chairs: Maurice Stephan Michel, Germany
Bernd Wullich, Germany
Introduction to the DGU
0800-0810Structure and Boards of the DGU
Stefan Müller, DGU President
The Best of German Urology in 2011 in Clinical Practice and Research
The Akademie der Deutschen Urologen (Academy of German Urologists)
0810-0830Organization of Structured Urological Education in Germany
Maurice Stephan Michel
High-Ranked German Guidelines and Development of Excellence Centres
0830-0850S-3 Guideline: Prostate Cancer
Manfred P. Wirth
0850-0910S-3 Guideline: Urinary Tract Infection
Florian Wagenlehner
0910-0930S-3 Guideline: Prophylaxis of Deep Vein Thrombosis
Peter Walz
0930-0950Certified Prostate Cancer Centres and Testicular Cancer Second Opinion Centre
Axel Heidenreich
Research in Urology
0950-1000Structural Concepts of Research Promotion by the German Society of Urology
Bernd Wullich
Highest-Ranking Urological Research in Germany
DGU Award Recepients Present Their Studies
1000-1020Recipient of the Nitze Award 2011
Jens Bedke
1020-1040Recipient of the “Science Around Thirty” Award 2011
Edwin Herrmann
1040-1050Recipient of the AuF Award 2010 (I)
Natalie Sampson
1050-1100Recipient of the AuF Award 2010 (II)
Friedemann Zengerling
Top-Level Research by Network Concepts
1100-1115Comprehensive Clinical and Molecular Characterization of Selective Renal Tumor Entities
Kerstin Junker, on behalf of the German Network Renal Cell Tumors
1115-1130The Relevance of National Communication Platforms for Realization of Multicenter Research Projects
Peter Olbert, on behalf of the German Bladder Cancer Research Network
1130-1145Training and Quality Control: Indispensable Tools for Outstanding Research
Gerd Unteregger, on behalf of the German Prostate Cancer Consortium
1145-1200Male Infertility Through Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases of the Urogenital Tract
Florian Wagenlehner, on behalf of the Network for Urogenital Infection
1200-1215Network for Infertility: Today and Tomorrow
Wolfgang Weidner, on behalf of the Network for Infertility
0900-1200International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM)
Chair: John Dean, UK
0900-1000Peyronie's Disease and Men's Sexual Well-Being
Claudio Teloken, Brazil
1000-1100The Impact of Chronic Diseases on Men's Sexual Health
Ekaterina Kulchvenya, Russia
1100-1200Assessment and Management of Low Sexual Desire in Men
John Dean, UK
0900-1200The Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT) Symposium
Chairs: Adib Rizvi, Pakistan
Nasser Simforoosh, Iran
0900-0935Technical Aspects of Kidney Transplantation: Experience with 3400 Cases
Nasser Simforoosh, Iran
0935-1010Transplantation Complications and Infections
Adib Rizvi, Pakistan
1010-1045Pediatric Kidney Transplantation
Bassam Saeed, Syria
1045-1120Transplantation in MESOT Countries
Marwan Masri, Lebanon
1120-1155Transplantation in Abnormal Lower Urinary Tract Patients
Altaf Hashemi, Pakistan
Pan-African Urological Surgeons Association (PAUSA)
Chairs: Khaled Dabees, Egypt
Serigne Gueye, Senegal
0900-0915Introduction and Welcome
Serigne Gueye, Programme Coordinator
Mohamed Eissa, PAUS President
0915-0940Management of Penile Curvature
Hisham Badawi, Egypt
0940-1005West African Lymphatic Filariasis Morbidity Management Project: History and Outcome
Sunny D. Mante, Ghana
1005-1015Questions and Answers
1015-1040New Approaches to Prostate Cancer Management in the Native African
E. Oluwabunmi Olapade-Olaopa, Nigeria
1040-1105Metastatic Hormone Resistant Prostate Cancer: What Are the Options?
Jean McDonald, UK
1105-1115Questions and Answers
1115-1140Robots, Laparoscopy and Lasers: Is High Tech Possible in Low-Resource Countries?
Catherine deVries, USA
1140-1150Questions and Answers
1150-1200Conclusion: The Way Forward
Khaled Dabees
Serigne Gueye
 GURS Symposium
 Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons

Treatment of Complications After the Treatment of Prostatic Disease “How I Do It”
Session 1: Urethral Stricture and Bladder Neck Contracture After TURP
Discussant: Ronald Kodama, Canada
0900-0925Incidence, Causes, Endoscopic and Open Treatments
 Christopher Gonzalez, USA
0925-0930Discussion and Questions
Session 2: Anastomotic Stricture After RRP
Discussant: Kurt McCammon, USA
0930-0955Incidence, Causes, and Treatment (Radical Resection, Botox, Urolume and Open Repair)
 Richard Santucci, USA
0955-1000Discussion and Questions
Session 3: Artificial Urinary Sphincter
Discussant: Frank Burks, USA
1000-1025Primary and Secondary Applications of AUS
 Allen F. Morey, USA
1025-1030Discussion and Questions
Session 4: Rectourethral Fistula
Discussant: Joel Gelman, USA
1030-1055Transperineal Repair of Complex Rectourethral Fistulas
 Kenneth Angermeier, USA
1055-1100Discussion and Questions
Session 5: The Devastated Outlet “I and II”
Discussants: Kurt McCammon, USA and Joel Gelman, USA
1100-1125Complete Reconstruction vs Suprapubic Diversion (Outlet I)
 Margit Fisch, Germany
1125 -1150Complete Reconstruction vs Suprapubic Diversion (Outlet II)
 Steven Brandes, USA
1150-1200Discussion and Questions

1000-1200SIU National Delegates' Meeting
1300-1700Sub-Specialty Symposia

1300-1600European Association of Urology Symposium
Per-Anders Abrahamsson, Sweden
1300-1320Screening for Prostate Cancer: An Update
Fritz Schröder, Netherlands
1320-1340Robotics in Surgery: A Real Advance?
Walter Artibani, Italy
1340-1400Optimal Treatment of High Risk Prostate Cancer
Hein van Poppel, Belgium
1400-1420What’s New in the Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer?
Bertrand Tombal, Belgium
1440-1500Surgery for Stress Incontinence: Current Concepts and Future Directions
Walter Artibani, Italy
1500-1520What's New in Andrology?
Wolfgang Weidner, Germany
1520-1540Management of Small Renal Masses
Didier Jacqmin, France
1540-1600What Is the Role of Lasers in Management of Benign Prostate Disease?
Rolf Muschter, Germany
1300-1700European Society of Pediatric Urology
Moderator: Rien Nijman, Netherlands
1300-1320European Reflux Guidelines
Rien Nijman
1320-1340The Long-Term Results of Endoscopic Treatment of Reflux
Göran Lackgren, Sweden
1340-1415Debate: What Are My Indications for Endoscopic Treatment of Reflux?
Moderator: Rien Nijman
1340-1345Göran Läckgren, Sweden
1345-1350Antoine Khoury, USA
1350-1355Paolo Caione, Italy
1355-1400Raimund Stein, Germany
1415-1445Laparoscopy for Paediatric Renal Pathologies: An Update
Alaa el Ghoneimi, France
1500-1530Current Management of PUV
Raimund Stein, Germany
1530-1600Update on the Management of Cryptorchidism
Christian Radmayr, Austria
1600-1700Panel on Distal Hypospadias
Moderator: Barry Kogan, USA
Alaa el Ghoneimi
Margit Fisch
Marc David Leclair
Emilio Merlini
1300-1700Educational Course: International Continence Society (ICS) and Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology (SUFU)
 “Urogynecology Update”
 Chairs: Eric Rovner, USA; Werner Schaefer, USA
 Urodynamics and Biomechanics of Female Incontinence: Werner Schaefer
 Sonography in the Diagnoses of Pre- and Postoperative Bladder Dysfunction: Ralf Tunn, Germany
 SUI Surgery in 2011: Does One Operation Fit All? Eric Rovner, USA
 Current Concepts of Prolapse Surgery: Heinz Kölbl, Germany
 Mesh Complications in SUI/POP surgery: Sandip Vasavada, USA
 Evaluation of Patients with Neurogenic Bladder: Indications and Implications: Gary Lemack, USA
 Panel Discussion
1300-1600Symposium on Urological Stents
 Chair: Daniel Yachia, Israel

 Daniel Yachia
 Identification of Conditioning Film Components on Indwelling Ureteral Stents and their Role in Bacterial Adhesion
 Dirk Lange, Canada
  Update in Metallic Stents in the Urinary Tract
 Ravi Kulkarni, UK
1340-1410Biodegradable Materials in Urinary Tract Stenting:
 Biodegradable Urethral Stents: What Is New?
 Taina Isotalo, Finland
 Degradable Ureteral Stents
 Ben Chew, Canada
1410-1440Panel on Post-Surgical Bladder Neck Stenosis
 Palliation or Definitive Surgery? Is There Another Approach?
 Gerald Jordan, USA
  Allium RPS: Preliminary Experience
 Ofer Nativ, Israel
1440-1530New and Upcoming Stent Designs for the Urinary Tract
 Stenting Blood Vessels or the Urinary Tract: What Makes It Different?
 Taina Isotalo
 A Novel 3.0F Ureteral Stent With Drainage Characteristics Of A 4.75 F JJ Stent
 Dirk Lange
 Is There a Need for New Materials or New Stent Designs in the Urinary Tract?
 Daniel Yachia
1530-1600Break and Poster Viewing

 Poster Session A: Ask the Author
1600-1700Poster Session B: Moderated Poster Session

1800-1900Opening Ceremonies
 Plenary Hall, ICC Berlin
1900-2100Welcome Reception
 Exhibit Hall, ICC Berlin


0630-0745Sponsored Symposia
0630-0800Instructional Courses IC01 to IC04
 IC01: Transforming Urology in Africa: Designing Clinical and Research Collaborations
 Chair: Catherine deVries, USA
 Catherine deVries, USA
 Serigne Gueye, Senegal
 Ira Sharlip, USA
 Stephen Watya, Uganda
 IC02: Management of Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence
 Chair: Ajay Singla, USA

 Ajay Singla
0635-0650Non-Surgical Management
 Stavros Charalampous, Greece
0650-0705Adjustable Male Slings
 Rodrigo Leyton, Chile
0705-0720Non-Adjustable Male Sling: AdVance
 Kurt McCammon, USA
0720-0735Non-Adjustable Male Sling: InVance
 Ajay Singla
0735-0750Artificial Urinary Sphincter: The Gold Standard
 Dirk De Ridder, Belgium
07500-0800Round-Table Discussion and Conclusion
 Ajay Singla

Course description:
The course is intended as an interactive session. In the first half all the presentations will be made while the second half will be structured as an interactive session with real case presentations and discussion of the possible treatment options. At the end, the participants should be able to recognize all the major complications of the artificial urinary sphincters procedures (AUS, Flowsecure, Urethral constrictor, ProACT), and all the sling procedures available worldwide. The treatment after a previous incontinence surgery will be discussed as well the management of very severe incontinence in multiply operated patients.

Learning objectives:
1. To get familiar with the newer minimally invasive surgical options for the management of post-prostatectomy incontinence.
2. To learn how to manage a complicated patient with PPI
3. To learn the tricks of the trade and trouble-shoot for AUS in PPI
4. To learn the about the successes and complications associated with various surgical procedures for PPI.

 IC03: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Screening: New Methods to Approach an Old Problem
 Chair: Badrinath Konety, USA
 Badrinath Konety
0635-0655New Markers
 Badrinath Konety
0655-0715New Biopsy and Other Diagnostic Techniques: Practical Pointers
 Stephen Jones, USA
0715-0735Experience with ERSPC
 Monique Roobol, Netherlands
0735-0755Meta-analysis and Evidence Synthesis on Prostate Cancer Screening
 Phil Dahm, USA
 Badrinath Konety
 IC04: Robotic-Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy
 Chair: Ashutosh Tewari, USA
0630-0635Introduction and Welcome
 Ashutosh Tewari
0635-0700Technical tips to Optimize Oncologic and Functional Outcomes
 Ashutosh Tewari
0700-0725The Role of Pelvic Lymphadenectomy and How It Is Done in Robotic Prostatectomy
 Francesco Montorsi, Italy
0725-0750Management of Complications and Improving Quality of Life After Robotic Prostatectomy
 Peter Wiklund, Sweden
0750-0800Discussion and Concluding Remarks
 Ashutosh Tewari
Learning objectives:
1. How to enhance their surgical technique to improve outcomes for their patients
2. When and how to do a pelvic lymph node dissection robotically
3. How to manage complications after robotic prostatectomy and optimize quality of life for their patients
4. How robotic surgical results compare to open and laparoscopic outcomes

0745-1000Plenary 1: Prostate Cancer
 Chairs: Gerald H. Jordan, USA
Michael Marberger, Austria

0745-0755Welcome Address
 Joachim Thüroff, SIU President
 Margit Fisch, Chair, Local Organizing Committee
 Gerald H. Jordan, Michael Marberger, Co-Chairs, SIU 2011 Scientific Programme
0755-0805Pharmacology of Adrenoceptor Subtypes Creates New Drugs Treating LUTS/BPH and OAB
 Toichi Takenaka, Japan
0805-0810Introduction to SIU-Astellas Lecture
0810-0830SIU-Astellas Lecture
0830-0845Don’t We Die from Prostate Cancer Any Longer?
 Peter Albertsen, USA
0845-0900The Future of Screening for Prostate Cancer: An Optimistic View
 Fritz Schröder, Netherlands
0900-0920EAU Lecture
 Manfred Wirth, Germany
0920-1000Debate: Management of Low-Risk Localized Prostate Cancer
 Chair: Per-Anders Abrahamsson, Sweden
 Active Surveillance - Laurence Klotz, Canada
 Radiotherapy - Thomas Wiegel, Germany
 Surgery - Peter Scardino, USA

1000-1200Parallel Plenaries 1-3

 Parallel Plenary 1: Focal Therapy of Prostate Cancer
 Chairs: Peter Hammerer, Germany
William Lynch, Australia
1000-1015Does Clinical Unifocal PCA Translate into Prostatectomy pT2a Stage?
 Thomas Polascik, USA
1015-1030Transrectal MRI Imaging
 Arnauld Villers, France
1030-1045What Biopsy Strategy Does Focal Therapy Demand?
 Mark Emberton, UK
1045-1100Robot Assisted Image Guided Focal Therapy of Prostate Cancer: Initial Results
 John Trachtenberg, Canada
1100-1115MRI Thermometry During Ablation
 Laurence Klotz, Canada
1115-1130Real Time Ultrasound Monitoring of Tissue Changes
 Michael Marberger, Austria
1130-1200Focal Therapy of Low Risk Prostate Cancer Using MR Guided Focus
Ultrasound: Initial Clinical Experience
 Christopher Cheng, Singapore
 Parallel Plenary 2: Pediatric Urology
 Chairs: Mohamed Eissa, Egypt
Margit Fisch, Germany
1000-1015Has Injection Therapy Changed Indications/Timing for Antireflux Surgery?
 Antoine E. Khoury, USA
1015-1030Is There Still a Role for Long-Term Antibiotic Prophylaxis?
 Jean Hollowell, USA
1030-1045Indications and Timing of Surgical Correction of UPJ Obstruction
 Barry Kogan, USA
1045-1125Pro-Con Debate: Open vs. Laparoscopic vs. Robotic Surgery in Toddlers: Advantages and Limitations
 Open Surgery: Margit Fisch, Germany
 Laparoscopy: Marc David Leclair, France
 Robotic: Sarah Lambert, USA
1125-1140Non-Neurogenic Voiding Disorders in Children
 Paolo Caione, Italy
1140-1155Strategies for Treating Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity in Myelomeningocele (MMC)
 Raimund Stein, Germany
 Parallel Plenary 3: Testis Cancer
 Chairs: Peter Albers, Germany
Michael Jewett, Canada
1000-1030Pro-Con Debate: The Contralateral Testis Should Always Be Biopsied
 Pro: Niels Skakkebaek, Denmark
 Con: Harry Herr, USA
1030-1110Pro-Con Debate: Active Surveillance vs. Chemotherapy vs. RPLND in Stage I-IIa NGC TC
 Active Surveillance: Alan Horwich, UK
 Prophylactic Chemotherapy: Peter Albers, Germany
 Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection: Paul Lange, USA
1110-1125When Should You Do Retroperitoneal Dissection After Chemotherapy of Stage IIb-III NGCTC?
 Axel Heidenreich, Germany
1125-1140Fertility and Testis Cancer
 JWA Ramsay, UK
1140-1155Testis-Sparing Surgery
 Steve Riggs, USA

 Sponsored Symposia

Astellas Pharma Inc.
 Trust Me I'm a Doctor: Clinical Decisions in OAB
1200-1205Chairman’s Introduction
 Eric Rovner, USA
1205-1225Trust Me, I Know the Patient
 Elise De, USA
1225-1245Trust Me, I Know the Latest Developments and Data
 Karl-Dietrich Sievert, Germany
1245-1305Trust Me, I Know the Role of Guidelines
 Hidehiro Kakizaki, Japan
 Summary and Close
 Eric Rovner, USA
 sanofi aventis
 Optimising Patient Care in mCRPC: Who, When and How to Treat
 Chair: John Fitzpatrick, Ireland
1200-1220Changing Management Strategies in mCRPC
 John Fitzpatrick
1220-1305Optimising Patient Care in mCRPC: A Case Study
 Amit Bahl, UK
 Nicolas Mottet, France
 John Fitzpatrick
• Risk Stratification to Guide Multidisciplinary Team Treatment
Decisions in mCRPC
Nicolas Mottet
• When and How to Use Chemotherapy in mCRPC
Amit Bahl
1305-1310Interactive Discussion
1315-1445Parallel Plenaries 4-5

 Parallel Plenary 4: Male Incontinence
 Chairs: Dirk De Ridder, Belgium
Osamu Ogawa, Japan
1315-1330Pathophysiology of Incontinence in Males
 Paul Abrams, UK
1330-1345Physiotherapy and Electrical/Magnetic Stimulation—Do They Change Natural History of Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence?
 Christian Hampel, Germany
1345-1400Do Drugs in Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence Do Any Good?
 Karl-Erik Andersson, USA
1400-1440Panel Presentations and Discussion: Which Surgical Therapy for Which Patient?

1400-1410Injectables and Balloons
 Christian Hampel, Germany
1410-1420Slings, Slings, Slings
 Klaus Höfner, Germany
1420-1430Hydraulic Controllable Sphincters
 Anthony Mundy, UK

 Parallel Plenary 5: Potentially Lethal Infections
 Chairs: Mete Cek, Turkey
Chris F. Heyns, South Africa
1315-1330Fournier’s Gangrene
 Amir Zarrabi, South Africa
1330-1345Emphysematous Pyelonephritis
 Dick Barnes, South Africa
1345-1400Retroperitoneal Abscess
 Redouane Rabii, Morocco
1400-1430Panel Discussion: Management of Multiply Resistant Infections in Urology Today

 Daniel Shoskes, USA
 Kurt Naber, Germany

1430-1445Male Circumcision for the Prevention of HIV
 Ira Sharlip, USA

1315-1445Abstract Sessions
 Podium Session 1: Bladder Cancer
 Moderated Poster Session 1: Stones
 Moderated Poster Session 2: Adrenal, Kidney, Ureter: Benign & Malignant
 Moderated Poster Session 3: Prostate Cancer, Detection and Staging
 Video Session 1: Minimally Invasive Surgery I
 Video Session 2: BPO/LUTS and Oncology
1515-1645Surgical Tips Sessions 1-2
Surgical Tips 1: Male Incontinence Surgery
Chair: Christian Hampel, Germany
Dirk De Ridder, Belgium
Vincent Delmas, France
Wilhelm Hübner, Austria
Surgical Tips 2: Robotic Surgery
Chair: Ashutosh Tewari, USA
Vito Pansadoro, Italy
Ashutosh Tewari, USA
Joachim Thüroff, Germany
1515-1645Abstract Sessions
 Podium Session 2: Prostate Cancer, Advanced
 Moderated Poster Session 4: Bladder Cancer
 Moderated Poster Session 5: BPO/LUTS: Intervention Therapy
 Moderated Poster Session 6: Renal Transplantation
 Moderated Poster Session 7: Infertility/Male Sexual Dysfunction
 Video Session 3: Trauma & Reconstruction
1645-1800Sponsored Symposia
Evaluating the Current Therapeutic Landscape for Advanced Prostate Cancer
A prIME Oncology Symposium
Chair: Cora Sternberg, Italy
1645-1650Welcome and Introduction
Cora Sternberg
1650-1705Examining the Issues and Unmet Needs in the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer
Cora Sternberg
1705-1725Integration of Newly Approved Therapies into the Continuum of Care for Advanced Prostate Cancer
Thomas Powles, UK
1725-1745What are the Promising Novel Strategies on the Horizon in Advanced Prostate Cancer?
Karim Fizazi, France
1745-1800Importance of the Multidisciplinary Team in Prostate Cancer: The Urologist’s Perspective
Peter Mulders, Netherlands
1800Concluding Remarks and Adjournment
Cora Sternberg
LUTS/BPH: The Clinical Advantages of the Novel Alpha Blocker Silodosin
 Francesco Montorsi, Italy
1650-1705Clinical Case 1
 Francesco Montorsi
1705-1720Clinical Case 2
 Matthias Oelke, Germany
1720 -1730Discussion and Conclusions
 Francesco Montorsi and Matthias Oelke
1900-2300SIU Oktoberfest Night
 Berlin Station


0630-0745Sponsored Symposia
 Panel Discussion Male Urinary Incontinence
0630–0642Introduction and Overview of Male Stress Urinary Incontinence
 Kurt McCammon, USA
0642–0655Patient Selection for Anti-Incontinence Procedures
 Bill Lynch, Australia
0655–0710AdVance and AdVance XP
 Ricarda Bauer, Germany
0710–0725AUS Tips and Tricks
 Michael Metro, USA
0725–0745Patient Presentations and Question and Answer
All DayLive Surgery from Charité
Hospital, Berlin
0630-0800Instructional Courses IC05-IC09
 IC05: Robotic Partial Nephrectomy
 Chair: Craig Rogers, USA

0630-0655Robotic Partial Nephrectomy
 Craig Rogers, USA
0655-0720Robotic Nephroureterectomy and Upper Urinary Tract Reconstruction
 Ashok K. Hemal, USA
0720-0740Establishing a Multiservice Surgical Robotic Program: Essential Elements of Clinical Safety and Financial Success
 Surena Matin, USA
0740-0800Robotic Nephrectomy and Donor Nephrectomy
 Jacques Hubert, France
 IC06: Urethral Strictures: Three Ways to Solve Every Stricture (Penile, Panurethral, Bulbar, Traumatic)
 Chair: Miroslav Djordjevic, Serbia
0630-0700Graft Urethroplasty: Is It Always Possible?
 Francisco Martins, Portugal
0700-0730Flap Urethroplasty: Tricks and Traps!
 Miroslav Djordjevic
0730-0800Anastomotic Urethroplasty: Challenges and Limits
 Allen Morey, USA

Course description:
Urethral strictures play an important role in reconstructive urology. The importance of this problem is great, especially regarding all the potential complications not only in the functional, but also in the psychosocial and psychosexual aspects. All of these details make this field interesting-we are always in search of new and better solutions for the treatment of urethral strictures. The long-term follow up of these patients enables the best estimation of the achieved surgical results. Analysis of new surgical techniques, comparison of results with the results from different medical centers around the world, as well as the compilation of surveys related to overall patient satisfaction can lead to a conclusion which could point toward the improvement of the results in the treatment of this anomaly.

 IC07: Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy
 Chair: Alexander Bachmann, Switzerland
0630-0645LESS and Donor Nephrectomy: Is There Still a Market?
 Andre Van der Merwe, South Africa
0645-0700Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy: Better than Open?
 Serdar Deger, Germany
0700-0715Cosmetic Aspects of Live Kidney Donors: Are They Really Important?
 Nicole Ebinger Mundorff, Germany
0715-0730The Advantages of the Transperitoneal Route
 Nasser Simforoosh, Iran
0730-0745Retroperitoneoscopic Donor Nephrectomy: Our Technique and Results
 Kazunari Tanabe, Japan
 IC08: Premature Ejaculation
 Chair: Ira Sharlip, USA
 Ira Sharlip
0635-0655Epidemiology of Premature Ejaculation
 Ira Sharlip
0655-0715Genetics of Premature Ejaculation
 Marcel Waldinger, Netherlands
0715-0735Oral Therapy of Premature Ejaculation
 Craig Donatucci, USA
0735-0755Non-Oral Therapy of Premature Ejaculation
 Hossein Sadeghi, USA
0755-0800Questions and Wrap-up
 IC09: Focal Ablative Prostate Therapy
 Chair: John Ward, USA
0630-0635Introductory Remarks
 John Ward
0635-0655Prostate Biopsy for Patient Selection
 John Ward
0700-0720Prostate Cancer Imaging (MRI and Histoscanning)
 Mark Emberton, UK
0725-0745Targeted Prostate Cancer Ablation: Techniques and Outcomes
 Thomas Polascik, USA
0750-0800Panel Discussion with Audience and Closing Remarks

0745-1000Plenary 2: Bladder Cancer
 Chairs: Patrick Coloby, France
Joachim Thüroff, Germany

0745-0755Clinical Pearls: The Past Year in Review: Oncology
 Vijay Sangar, UK
0755-0810The 2004 WHO Classification of Urothelial Neoplasms Revisited
 Ruth Knüchel- Clarke, Germany
0810-0825Re-TURB: Why, When and How?
 Harry Herr, USA
0825-0840BCG for CIS: What Is Proven After 30 Years?
 Maurizio Brausi, Italy
0840-0925High Grade pT1 BCA: How Early Cystectomy?
 Chair: Mark Soloway, USA
 Hassan Abol-Enein, Egypt
 Richard Hautmann, Germany
 Wiking Månsson, Sweden
 Juan Palou, Spain
 Vito Pansadoro, Italy
0925-0940Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
 Cora Sternberg, Italy
0940-1000Pro-Con Debate: Lymph Node Dissection Is Curative in Urological Cancers vs. Staging Only
Chair: Arturo Mendoza Valdés, Mexico
Curative: Urs E. Studer, Switzerland
Staging Only: Joachim Thüroff, Germany

1000-1200History Session: SIU meets Berlin – Urology a Century ago
Chairs: Alain Jardin, France
Dirk Schultheiss, Germany
Cells, Microbes and Salvarsan
Berlin: A Medical Metropolis in the Long 19th Century
Thomas Schnalke, Germany
History of the Early Years of the SIU
Friedrich Moll, Germany
James Israel (1848-1926): Founding Member of the SIU and Leading Kidney Surgeon of His Time
Dirk Schultheiss, Germany
Urology in Germany between 1933 and 1945
Heiner Fangerau, Germany

1000-1200Parallel Plenaries 6-8

 Parallel Plenary 6: Urinary Diversion
 Chairs: Hassan Abol-Enein, Egypt
Richard Hautmann, Germany
1000-1020CAU Lecture: Urinary Diversion: The Latin American Perspective
Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo, Brazil
1020-1100Laparoscopic/Robotic vs. Open Urinary Diversion After Laparoscopic Cystectomy?
 Chair: Arnulf Stenzl, Germany
 Hassan Abol-Enein, Egypt
 Octavio Castillo, Chile
 Richard Gaston, France
 Raj S. Pruthi, USA
 Michael Stöckle, Germany
 Peter Wiklund, Sweden
1100-1120SIU-Albert Schweitzer Lecture
1120-1135Is There Still a Role for Continent and Urinary Diversion?
 Urs E. Studer, Switzerland
1135-1150The Long-Term Metabolic and Neoplastic Consequences of Urinary Diversion
 Randall Rowland, USA 
 Parallel Plenary 7: Trauma From MIS
 Ingolf Tuerk, USA
René Sotelo, Venezuela
1000-1015Bleeding, Extravasation in Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy
 Mahesh Desai, India
1015-1030Ureteral Damage in Ureteroscopy
 Christoph Klinger, Germany
1030-1045Bleeding, Bowel Injury, Conversion in Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery
 Ingolf Tuerk, USA
1045-1055Septic Complications
 Pilar Laguna, Netherlands
1055-1105Urinary Extravasation
 Jens Rassweiler, Germany
1105-1115The Forgotten Stent
 Gunter Janetschek, Austria
1115-1155Round Table Discussion Based on Case Presentations: “Nihil Nocere”
 Chair: René Sotelo
 Panelists: All
 Parallel Plenary 8: Prostate Cancer
 Chairs: Christopher Cheng, Singapore
Arnauld Villers, France
1000-1015Quality of Life and Satisfaction with Therapy Amongst PCA Survivors
 Martin Sanda, USA
1015-1105Panel Presentations and Discussion: Cost/Benefit Ratio of Chemoprevention
 Chair: Peter Albertsen, USA

1015-1025Dietary Measures
 Hideyuki Akaza, Japan
1025-1035Lifestyle Changes
 Arturo Mendoza Valdés, Mexico
1035-1045Antioxidants/Anti-Inflammatory Agents
 Ahmad Shabsigh, USA
1045-10555a-Reductase Inhibitors
 Gerald Andriole, USA

1105-1155Panel Discussion Based on Case Presentations: Management of High-Risk Locally-Confined PCA
 Chair: Peter Scardino, USA
Arturo Mendoza Valdés, Mexico
Michael Stöckle, Germany
Hendrik Van Poppel, Belgium
Thomas Wiegel, Germany

 Sponsored Symposium

Astellas Pharma Inc.
 The Male LUTS Debate
 Chair: Paul Abrams, UK
1200-1205Introduction and Audience Polling
 Paul Abrams, UK
1205-1310The motion: “a1-adrenoceptor Antagonist Monotherapy Is the Right
 First-Line Treatment for All Men with Bothersome LUTS”
 Presentations, panel debate, audience polling
 For the Motion
 François Desgrandchamps, France
 Mark Speakman, UK
 Against the motion
 Marcus Drake, UK
 Matthias Oelke, Germany
1310-1315Take-Home Messages
 Paul Abrams, UK
 Supporter: Dendreon Corporation
Sponsor: PIM & IMER
 International State of the Science of Immunotherapy in Prostate Cancer
 Chairs: Charles G. Drake, USA
Adam S. Kibel, MD, USA
1200–1205Activity Overview
 Charles G. Drake
1205–1225International Comparison of the Changing Landscape of Advanced Prostate Cancer Management
 Kurt Miller, Germany
1225–1240Optimal Incorporation of Immunotherapy in Early-Stage CRPC
 Charles G. Drake
1240–1255Practical Application Case Series
 Adam S. Kibel, USA
1255–1315Panel Discussion and Q&A
 Charles G. Drake
 Adam S. Kibel
 Noel W. Clarke, UK
 Kurt Miller
 Francesco Montorsi, Italy
1315-1645New Findings/Recommendations from the 2011 International Consultation on Urologic Diseases (ICUD) on Prostate Cancer, Part I
 Chairs: Gerald Andriole, USA
Manfred Wirth, Germany
1315-1335A Brief History of Prostatic Diseases
 Peter Thompson, UK
1335-1355Issues Related to Early Detection
 Monique Roobol, Netherlands
1355-1415Advances in Biomarkers for Prostate Diseases
 Samir Taneja, USA
1415-1435New Developments in the Anatomical and Metabolic Imagery of the Prostate and Metastatic Sites
 John Coleman, USA
1435-1455Patients’ Perspectives on Prostate Diseases
 Paul Lange, USA
1455-1515Metastatic PCA and Systemic Therapies
 Mario Eisenberger, USA
1515-1600Questions/Answers/Case Discussions
 Parallel Plenary 9: Female Incontinence
 Chairs: E. Ann Gormley, USA
Sender Herschorn, Canada

1315-1330Urge or Stress: How Much Urodynamics is Necessary?
Marcus Drake, UK
1330-1345Severity of Incontinence Is Definition-Dependent: Results of a Prospective Randomized Study (TVT vs. Burch)
Paul Hilton, UK
1345-1400Pharmacotherapy of OAB
Karl-Erik Andersson, USA
1400-1430Pro-Con Debate: Vaginal Sacrospinous Fixation vs. Abdominal Sacrocolpopexy
Chair: Eckhard Petri, Germany
Vaginal Surgery: Heinz Kölbl, Germany
 Abdominal Surgery: Christian Hampel, Germany
1430-1445Complications of Alloplastic Slings/Meshes
 Eckhard Petri, Germany
 Parallel Plenary 10: Urethral Reconstruction: Global Perspectives
 Chair: Sanjay Kulkarni, India

 Case Presentations
1315-1325Sanjay Kulkarni, India
1325-1335Reynaldo Gómez, Chile
1335-1345Igor Vaz, Mozambique
1345-1355Qiang Fu, China
1355-1405Guido Barbagli, Italy
1405-1415Daniela Andrich, UK
1415-1425Allen Morey, USA

1315-1445Abstract Sessions
 Podium Session 3: Prostate Cancer, Advanced
 Moderated Poster Session 8: Infections
 Moderated Poster Session 9: BPO/LUTS
 Moderated Poster Session 10: Stones
 Moderated Poster Session 11: Pediatric Urology
 Video Session 4: Minimally Invasive Surgery II
 Video Session 5: Kidney & Ureteral Cancer
1515-1645Surgical Tips Sessions 3-4
 Surgical Tips 3: Female Incontinence Surgery
 Chair: Marcus Drake, UK
 Heinz Kölbl, Germany
 Eckhard Petri, Germany
 Christian Hampel, Germany
 Surgical Tips 4: Hypospadias Repair
 Chair: Dragana Filipas, Germany
 Raimund Stein, Germany
 Antoine E. Khoury, USA
 Paolo Caione, Italy
1515-1645Abstract Sessions
 Podium Session 4: BPO/LUTS
 Podium Session 5: Bladder Cancer
 Podium Session 6: Minimally Invasive Surgery
 Moderated Poster Session 12: Trauma & Reconstruction
 Moderated Poster Session 13: Prostate Cancer, Localized
 Video Session 6: Stones
 Video Session 7: Prostate Cancer
1645-1800Sponsored Symposia
sanofi pasteur
 Men with BPH in 2011: evidence to Support First Treatment Decisions
 Chair: Peter Hammerer, Germany
1645-1655Welcome and Introduction
 Peter Hammerer, Germany
1655-1710BPH Patients and Current Practice: Is There an Unmet Clinical Need?
 Peter Hammerer
1710-1730What is the Role of Combination Therapy in First Treatment Decisions for BPH?
 J Curtis Nickel, Canada
1730-1745How has BPH Treatment Changed with Recent Updates in Clinical Guidelines?
 Michael Marberger, Austria
1745-1755Q&A Session
1755-1800Summary and Conclusions
 Peter Hammerer
 Results and Implications of a Real-World Individual Patient Data
 Survey: Clinical Practice Gaps in Intermediate- and High-risk
 Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC) Management
 Chair: Mark Soloway, USA
1645–1655Welcome & Introduction
 Mark Soloway
1655–1705The Need for Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) for Optimizing Outcomes in NMIBC: Review of Current Literature
 Andreas Böhle, Germany
1705–1715The Optimal Management of NMIBC: Review of Current Guidelines
 Joan Palou, Spain
1715–1735Are we Practicing What we Preach? Overview and Key Findings from the International NMIBC Individual Patient Data Survey (IPDS)
 Fred Witjes, The Netherlands
1735–1750Panel Discussion
 Assessing the Care Gap: Comparison of IPDS Results to Recommended Clinical Practice
1750–1800Audience Discussion
 Closing the Care Gap: How to Improve the Management of NMIBC
1800Summary and Close
 Mark Soloway
1830-2300Optional Activities


0630-0745Sponsored Symposia
0630-0800Instructional Courses IC10-IC14

 IC10: Tips and tricks of Ileal Neobladder Construction with Nerve and Seminal Vesicle Sparing Cystectomy
 Chair: Richard Hautmann, Germany
0630-0650Nerve-Sparing RCX
 Urs E. Studer, Switzerland
0650-0700Seminal Vesical Sparing RCX
 Richard Hautmann
0700-0715Orthoptopic Reconstruction of Both Sexes: Tricks of the Trade
 Urs E. Studer
0715-0730Tips and Tricks of Ileal Neobladder Construction with Nerve and Seminal Vesicle Sparing Cystectomy
 Richard Hautmann
0730-0750Potential Complications
 Björn G. Volkmer, Germany
0750-0800Questions and Answers

Course description:

Tips and Tricks of nerve sparing and seminal vesicle sparing radical cystectomy are presented by the most experienced hands in the world. The standards of orthotopic reconstruction of two pioneering institutions will be presented as well as the pitfalls and complications.

Learning objective:
Technique of nerve and seminal sparing RCX indication for RCX in 2011

 IC11: Management of Urothelial Carcinoma: Stage- and Site-Specific Discussions
 Chair: Wassim Kassouf, Canada
0630-0700Practical Tips in the Management of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
 Ashish Kamat, USA
0700-0730Optimizing Quality of Care for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer
 Wassim Kassouf, Canada
0730-0800Comprehensive Update on Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma
 Shahrokh Shariat, USA

Course description:
Delineate key concepts in management of the entire spectrum of urothelial carcinoma (UC) and “tricks-of-the-trade” essential to the medical and surgical management of this disease. Emphasis will be placed on contemporary review of scientific literature and provide insight into the multi-disciplinary approach to UC.

Learning objectives:
1. In management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, a risk-adapted approach will be reviewed, including a discussion on role of restaging TUR, first and second line intravesical chemotherapy and immunotherapy, BCG failure, etc.
2. In management of muscle invasive bladder cancer, we will discuss role of radical cystectomy, extent of lymphadenectomy, eligibility for continent diversions, neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy, bladder preservation strategies
3. In management of upper tract UC, we will discuss indications and outcome from endoscopic and percutaneous resection, nephroureterectomy, upper tract instillations, as well as role of perioperative chemotherapy

 IC12: Robotic Assisted Radical Cystectomy
 Chair: Juan Palou, Spain
0630-0650RRC Surgical Technique in a Man With or Without Nerve Sparing Technique, and the Relation With Functional Results
 Juan Palou
0650-0710RRC in Women With or Without Vaginal Resection
 Magnus Annerstedt, Sweden
0710-0730Lymphadenectomy: Anatomical Landmarks and Basic Oncological Principles
 Ashok K. Hemal, USA
0730-0750Urinary Diversion: Intra or Extracorporeal Diversion in RCC?
 Peter Wiklund, Sweden
0750-0800Results of Open Cystectomy vs RRC (Complications, Bleeding)
 Juan Palou
 IC13: New Developments In Renal Stone Treatment Surgery
 Chair: Jean de la Rosette, Netherlands
0630-0700Supine versus Prone PCNL
 Jean de la Rosette
0700-0730Combined PCNL and URS
 Olivier Traxer, France
0730-0800Drainage After PCNL: Percutaneous, Internal, None
 Glenn Preminger, USA

Course description:
Recent studies have indicated a renaissance in renal stone treatment surgery during the last decade, which can be attributed to several factors. These include awareness of the limitations of shock wave lithotripsie with accumulating clinical experience of this approach. Moreover, improvements in the endourological procedure, which continue, have led to reductions in morbidity and yielded stone-free rates over 90 percent in treated patients. Several key factors have been identified that impact treatment outcomes and complication rates with PCNL, including indications for treatment, renal access, and available equipment. With the introduction of the latest generation flexible ureteroscopes, retrograde intrarenal surgery has been highly facilitated.

Learning objectives:
1. Tailoring renal access in PCNL to the specific physical conditions
2. Indication and outcome of renal stone treatment with PCNL and Retrograde Intrarenal surgery.
3. Postoperative care addressing the type and need of drainage

 IC14: Prostatitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Male Adnexitis
 Chairs: J. Curtis Nickel, Canada
 T. E. Bjerklund Johansen, Denmark
0630-0700Bacterial Prostatitis: Diagnosis and Therapy
 Florian Wagenlehner, Germany
0700-0730Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Clinical Evidence Revisited Provides Rationale for Therapeutic Strategy
 J. Curtis Nickel
0730-0800Andrological Implications in Chronic Adnexitis
 Wolfgang Weidner, Germany

0800-1000Plenary 3: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
 Chairs: Paul Abrams, UK
Mostafa Elhilali, Canada

0800-0810Clinical Pearls: The Past Year in Review: Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
 Frank Lee, UK
0810-0825LUTS Suggestive of BPO: Is a Pressure-Flow Study Always Needed?
 Paul Abrams, UK
0825-0840BPH and OAB
 Luc Valiquette, Canada
0840-0900AUA Lecture: Medical Therapy for Male LUTS and BPH: An Update in 2011
 Claus Roehrborn, USA
0900-0915Strategies in Medical Therapy of BPH: Combinations for BPE, BOO, OAB? How Long?
 John M. Fitzpatrick, Ireland
0915-0945Pro-Con Debate: Is TURP Still the Gold Standard of Surgical Therapy?
 Chair: Mostafa Elhilali, Canada
 Con: Oliver Reich, Germany
 Pro: Michael Marberger, Austria

1000-1200Parallel Plenaries 11-13

 Parallel Plenary 11: Stones
 Chair: Petrisor Geavlete, Romania
Yinghao Sun, China
1000-1030Panel Discussion Based on Case Presentations: Management of Staghorn Stones Today
 Chair: Mahesh Desai, India
 Tarik Esen, Turkey
 Petrisor Geavlete, Romania
 Adrian Joyce, UK
 Nasser Simforoosh, Iran
1030-1045Retrograde Intrarenal Stone Surgery
 Anup Patel, UK
1045-1100Combined Percutaneous and Retrograde Ureteroscopic Approach
 Roberto M. Scarpa, Italy
1100-1115Laparoscopic Stone Removal
 René Sotelo, Venezuela
1115-1145Pro-Con Debate: ESWL vs. URS for Ureteral Stones
 Chair: Jorge Gutierrez-Aceves, Mexico
 ESWL: David Tolley, UK
 URS: Andreas Gross, Germany
1145-1200Where is the Place for Medical Stone Therapy (Prevention, Chemolysis)?
 Glenn Preminger, USA
 Parallel Plenary 12: Kidney Cancer
 Chairs: Jan Breza, Slovakia
Simon Tanguay, Canada
1000-1015Active Surveillance: In Whom, Outcomes and Risks
 Michael Jewett, Canada
1015-1030Energy Ablative Therapy: In Whom, Which Access?
 Michael Marberger, Austria
1030-1045Robotic Tumor Resection: New Standard for Open Surgeons?
 Joachim Thüroff, Germany
1045-1100Management of RCC with IVC Thrombus
 Markus Hohenfellner, Germany
1100-1115Metastatic RCC: TKIs, mTOR -- Inhibitors or Antibodies?
 Samir Taneja, USA
1115-1200Panel Discussion Based on Case Presentations: Which Treatment for Which Patient?
 Chair: Hein van Poppel, Belgium
 Panelists: All
 Parallel Plenary 13: Diagnosis of Urothelial Tumors
 Chairs: Imre Romics, Hungary
Fred Witjes, Netherlands
1000-1015Urinary Markers
 Yves Fradet, Canada
1015-1030Fluorescence Cystoscopy
 Marek Babjuk, Czech Republic
1030-1045Optical Coherence Tomography
 Seth Lerner, USA
1045-1100Narrow Band Imaging
 Jean de la Rosette, Netherlands
1100-1115Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy
 Wolfgang Jäger, Germany
1115-1155Panel Discussion: Clinical Potential and Cost/Benefit Analysis
 Chair: Fred Witjes
 Panelists: All

 Sponsored Symposia
1315-1445Parallel Plenaries 14-16

 Parallel Plenary 14: Neuro-Urology
 Chairs: Francisco Cruz, Portugal
Reynaldo Gómez, Chile
1315-1335Pro-Con Debate: How to Detect the “Aggressive Detrusor”

1315-1325Leak Point Pressure
 Sophie Fletcher, USA
1325-1335Video Urodynamics
 Juergen Pannek, Switzerland

1335-1350Posterior Rhizotomy +/- Electrical Stimulation
 Helmut Madersbacher, Austria
1350-1405Botox Detrusor Injections
 Kurt McCammon, USA
1405-1420Bladder Augmentation +/- Sphincteric Augmentation
 Anthony Mundy, UK
1420-1445Case Presentations and Discussion
 Parallel Plenary 15: LESS Invasive Surgery
 Chairs: Claude Abbou, France
Octavio Castillo, Chile
 Mihir Desai, USA
 Jens Rassweiler, Germany
 Rene Sotelo, Venezuela
 Pradeep Rao, India
1415-1445Panel Discussion: Translating the Plethora of Acronyms into Clinical Reality
 Chair: Gunter Janetschek, Austria
 Panelists: All
 Parallel Plenary 16: Urogenital Fistula
 Chairs: Suzy Elneil, UK
Serigne Gueye, Senegal
1315-1330Evaluation and Classification of VVF
 Oumarou Sanda Ganda, Niger
1330-1355Surgical Principles and Early Management of VVF
 Kees Waaldijk, Nigeria
1355-1410Iatrogenic Genito-Urinary Fistula: Clinical Features and Management
 Dirk De Ridder, Belgium
1410-1425Global Perspectives on Fistula Care and Training
 Serigne Gueye

1315-1445Abstract Sessions
 Podium Session 7: Prostate Cancer, Localized
 Moderated Poster Session 14: Minimally Invasive Surgery
 Moderated Poster Session 15: Penile/Testis: Benign & Malignant
 Moderated Poster Session 16: Prostate Cancer: Staging, Advanced & Markers
 Video Session 8: Miscellaneous
 Video Session 9: Adrenal, Kidney & Miscellaneous
1500-1630General Assembly
1630-1745Sponsored Symposia
1930-2300SIU Gala Banquet
 The Schlüterhof, German Historic Museum


0800-1200Main Plenary 4
 Chairs: Mahesh Desai, India
Luc Valiquette, Canada

0800-0810Clinical Pearls: The Past Year in Review: Stones/Endourology
 Matthew Bultitude, UK
0810-0830 PAUSA Lecture: Bladder Carcinoma in Africa: Epidemiology and Treatment
 Ismail Khalaf, Egypt
0830-0850 Evidence-Based Medicine In Its Use in Everyday Practice
 John M. Fitzpatrick, Ireland
0850-0905Meeting the Challenges of Evidence-Based Prostate Cancer: Early Detection and Treatment
 Peter Carroll, USA
0905-1110 New Findings/Recommendations from the 2011 International Consultation on Urologic Diseases (ICUD) on Prostate Cancer, Part II
 Chairs: Gerald Andriole, USA; Manfred Wirth, Germany

 Tim Wilt, USA
0920-0940Epidemiology and Natural History of Prostate Cancer
 Seth Strope, USA
0940-0955Biomarker Identification of Active Surveillance Candidates
 Jack Schalken, Netherlands
0955-1010Low-Risk Localized PCA
 Peter Carroll, USA
1010-1025High-Risk Localized PCA
 William Aronson, USA
1025-1050Questions and Discussion
1050-1110Special Lecture “Cost of Prostate Cancer Healthcare”
 Stephen Riggs, USA

1110-1130 UAA Lecture: Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP): Evolution of a Surgical Technique
 Peter Gilling, New Zealand
 Joachim Thüroff, Germany
1135-1145 Invitation to SIU 2012 in Fukuoka
 Mahesh Desai, India
 Seiji Naito, Japan