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Fifth Conference of the World Urologic Oncology Federation
Urologic Oncology in the Aging Population
Chair: Laurence Klotz, Canada

Saturday, October 15

0800-0915SESSION ONE | Prostate Cancer Prevention
 Diet, Statins, Cholesterol: Hanjong Ahn, South Korea
 Pre-clinical models of Prostate Cancer Prevention. Hirotsugu Uemura, Japan
 Curcumin and Other Micronutrients: Shigeo Horie, Japan
 Nutraceuticals and Prostate Cancer: Neil Fleshner, Canada
 Exercise: Arturo Mendoza Valdes, Mexico
0930SESSION TWO | Town Hall Forum
Screening in Men Over Age 65: Case and Discussion
 Lessons from ERSPC: Monique Roobol, The Netherlands
 Adapting Treatment Strategies for CRPC in the Elderly: Fred Saad, Canada
 An Epidemiologic Perspective: Peter Albertsen, USA
 Pros and Cons: Franz Recker, Switzerland
1045SESSION THREE | Update on Biomarkers
 PCA3: Inge Van Oort, The Netherlands
 Seminal Fluid Markers: Frank Gardiner, Australia
 Serum Biomarkers: John Davis, USA
 Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis in Prostate Cancer: Derya Tilki, Germany
 MRI and Prostate Cancer Staging: Mark Emberton, UK
 Role of Staging Template Biopsies: David Crawford, USA
1300SESSION FOUR | Mechanisms of Castrate Resistance
 AR-mTOR: James Mohler, USA
 Autophagy and Prostate Cancer: Christopher Evans
 Clusterin and ERK: TBA
 Prostate Cancer Stem Cells: Johannes Vieweg, USA
 Immune Escape and Prostate Cancer: Rob Siemens, Canada
1430SESSION FIVE | Treatment
 Timing of Hormonal Therapy in the Elderly: Urs Studer, Switzerland
 Focal MR-Guided Thermotherapy: An Update: John Trachtenberg, Canada
 How Should ADT Be Used in the Elderly? Impact of Cardiovascular Comorbidity: Thomas Keane, USA
1530SESSION SIX | Kidney
Small Renal Masses: Indications for Intervention in Elderly Patients: Tony Finelli, Canada
 Partial Nephrectomy in the Elderly: Thomas Schwaab, USA
 Role of Biopsy in Management of Renal Masses: Michael Jewett, Canada
 Incorporation TKIs into Surgical Management: Anil Kapoor, Canada
 Nomograms in Decision Making in Renal Cancer: Robert Uzzo, USA
 Case Discussion: Management of Small Masses

Sunday, October 16

0800SESSION SEVEN | Bladder Cancer Biology
 Update on New Diagnostic Methods: Fred Witjes, The Netherlands
 Tissue Markers: Peter Black, Canada
 Deterioration of Physiologic Competence and Reserve with Aging: Considerations for Treatment Decisions in Bladder Cancer: Michael Droller, USA
 SNPs and Bladder Cancer Progression: Wun-Jae Kim, South Korea
 Lymphangiogenesis and GU Cancer: TBA
 Use of Nomograms in Bladder Cancer: Shahrokh Shariat, USA
0945SESSION EIGHT | Surgical Management of Invasive Bladder Cancer
 Role of Extended Node Dissection: Wassim Kassouf, Canada
 Orthotopic Bladder in Elderly Patients: Limits and Results: Richard Hautmann, Germany
 Robotic Cystectomy: Results and Technique: Alexander Mottrie, Belgium
1045SESSION NINE | Invasive TCC
 Management of Invasive Bladder Cancer in the Elderly: Michael Cookson, USA
 Upper tract TCC: Role of Neoadjuvant Therapy: Surena Matin, USA
 Gene Therapy and Bladder Cancer: TBA
 Neoadjuvant/Adjuvant Chemotherapy in the Elderly: Friedemann Honecker, Germany
 Debate: Adjuvant Is Preferable to Neo-Adjuvant: Friedemann Honecker vs Peter Albers, Germany